Welcome To Classic Car Club Illawarra

Classic Car Club Illawarra was founded as the South Coast Holden Owners Club on the 28th of January, 2002, by a group of friends who had a passion for the Holden motor car.
At the time most members only owned Holden's and the club prospered as a single make club. As the club expanded the focus was changed to accommodate all GM vehicles, this enabled current members who owned Holden's and other vehicles such as Chevrolets, Pontiacs and Buicks to fully enjoy the club.
In 2012/13 the club then undertook further measures to ensure its future growth, As a result the South Coast Holden Owners club became the Classic Car Club Illawarra, The clubs constitution was amended to include all vehicles that are eligible for Historic registration in NSW.
With the imminent death of motor vehicle manufacturing in Australia, regardless of where your brand allegiance may be, it is now more important than ever that the history of Australian motoring be preserved into the future.
We at Classic Car Club Illawarra are proud to support the preservation, restoration and most importantly the joy of driving, all currently recognised historic vehicles, and all models that are destined to become the classics of the Future.

Classic Car Club Illawarra are proud to be a member of The Council of Motor Clubs a part of the Australian Historic Motoring Federation

A great place of reference for whats happening around Australia in the motoring world is Pinkys website

For All your mechanical needs from regular servicing to major overhauls, tyres and Pink Slips have a chat with Daniel at Tic's Automotive in Fairy Meadow

For all your mechanical needs for classic and vintage cars, also blue slips and pink slips on all Vehicles get in touch with Dave at Dave Wiggins Classic Mechanical

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